Best Outdoor Car Cover Materials for Summer

A custom sun shade for the car prevents UV rays from damaging your vehicle’s interior, but to keep your vehicle looking and running like it just came off the lot, you should use an outdoor car cover that safeguards the whole vehicle. Read on for information about Sunbrella and NOAH, two superior outdoor car cover materials that can withstand the intensity of summer weather.


If you live in an area with hot, sunny summers, or your driveway doesn’t have shade, custom outdoor car covers made of breathable Sunbrella fabric will be the most effective. It’s durable acrylic fibers are densely woven to stop even the strongest UV rays from reaching your car and causing cracking and fading.

Although Sunbrella covers are heavy-duty, they are smoothed during the last stages of production and are guaranteed to not leave a single scratch on your car. Sunbrella fabric is designed mainly for sunny, hot and dry climates, but the fibers do guard against mildew growth and disintegration. The covers have a waterproof coating as well.

Further, no matter which color you choose, a Sunbrella cover is fade-resistant and will always appear vibrant. The difference is in how the material is dyed. Rather than dying already woven material, the manufacturers of Sunbrella fabric solution dye the fibers before they’re laced together. This ensures that the color gets deep into each fiber and lasts for years to come.


Some of the best outdoor car covers available are made from NOAH material, produced by the trusted company Kimberly-Clark. NOAH fabric is ideal if you live in a place with humid or wet summers, and it’s unique because of its ability to keep water off your car while still allowing ample air circulation and the vaporization of any moisture underneath. Also, NOAH’s light weight makes them easy to put on and take off, and the fabric does provide UV protection.

What makes NOAH covers so water-resistant and tough? The secret is its three layers — inner, middle and outer, each with its own function. The inner layer, which contains nylon and polyethylene, is as soft as a cloud and has guaranteed scratch resistance. The middle layer has countless tiny openings that give NOAH fabric its signature breathability, but dust and water particles are too large to squeeze through and settle onto your car. Finally, the outer layer consists of polyethylene and polypropylene, both of which give the fabric smoothness and strength, and its grayish-silver color withstands hot weather.

Care Instructions

Whether you choose a Sunbrella cover or a NOAH one, proper care of your cover is essential for it to work properly. Specific instructions are included with your cover, but there are general guidelines to follow.

  • For hand washing, lightly clean each side of the cover in warm water and all-purpose cleaner. Use clean water to get the cleaner off, then hang the cover up to air dry.
  • For machine washing, place the cover in a big washing machine that doesn’t have a central agitator. Use warm water and pour in one-fourth of a cup of all-purpose cleaner. Finally, run two rinse cycles and hang the cover up to air dry.

Shelter your vehicle from the elements and maintain its value with an outdoor cover. Contact a team member today to quickly get the products you need at the most affordable prices.

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