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Facetime for PC, Blackberry and iPhone- installation guide

Facetime is an internet based video calling app developed by apple. It uses a wifi internet connection or even a cellular 3G connection, it allows you to place calls for free anywhere around the world, to any other facetime user. With HD video quality and clear, noise free audio it is easily the best video calling app on the market. It is also virtually free of charge and very easy to use. Although designed for iphones, ipadand mac, devices running on ios, there is a version available to android users, and the app can with some tweaking be used on most other devices as well. In this post we shall see the installation guide for iphone, blackberry and windows phones. Before we proceed further let me clear you all that this procedure to download Facetime for PC windows or for Blackberry is not intended by the developers, hence we do not authenticate the process and it is truly based on practical experience and internal sources.

Facetime although fairly new in the market is gaining fast popularity due to a few of its features. Along with HD video quality and amazing audio, it allows you to mute a call if you need ever need to do keep your conversation with whoever happens by a secret but do not wish to cut the call. It lets you block calls if you are not in a mood to talk. It is user friendly and very easy to use.

Facetime installation for iPhone

This is definitely the easiest installation since, the app Facetime is made for iphones and there can be no doubt regarding its compatibility with the same. So all you need to do is follow the 3 steps given bellow.

  • First of all go to the app store provided by apple.
  • Search for Facetime
  • Install it and set it up using the apple ID and password.
  • Enjoy video calling.

Facetime installation for Blackberry and Windows phone.

Facetime being an apple device is not easily available to download and use on a blackberry phone but it is still fairly easy. Today when everyone wants to be able to run every app, to keep the users happy most telecommunication companies have launched emulators and app players that mimic a different os allowing the user to use apps that are not traditionally meant for the device.


Blackberry smartphones can run IOS apps like facetime using IOS App Player.

  • Download IOS App Player, the one available on blackberry world is Reebee.
  • Download the facetime app, for free from either it’s official site using a browser or from some other site like softonic.
  • Once downloaded, run the app, in conjunction with the IOS App player.

Windows phone

The facetime can actually be run in both windows phone as well as pc. There is a rumor about that the windows 10 developers are going to help the IOS developers to bring their apps to windows 10, converted to a format more compatible to the windows phones. For now, one can use the apps like facetime simply with the use of an android emulator, since android version of the app is available in the market. Once an emulator is downloaded, just download and install the facetime app and run it along with the emulator.

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