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Fast and Furious Legacy for PC or Mac : Free Download (apk)

Fast & Furious Legacy is the latest addition to the Fast & Furious gaming series which is based on one of the popular movies named The Fast & the Furious. The game namely Fast & Furious is one of the most amazing arcade racing games available for the racing game addicts. It is the best version of the game ever launched amongst all other existing versions of the street racing games. Fast & Furious Legacy is a more thrilling and adventurous version in comparison to other versions of the game. In this version, the users are able to choose the villain on their own. The users are able to make choice from all the villains that are featured in the 7 different chapters of the film. This is the most sensational and electrifying game amongst all other fast car games.

It also features many exciting destinations such as Miami, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo and Los Angeles. Fast & Furious game comes up with more than 50 amazing fast racing cars. The game provides you with the real feel of a hero as you can relate most of the cars with the original movie. There are various gaming modes available in the game such as Street, Drift, Gateway, Take Down, Drag and a many more to come soon. This game also allows a feature of multiplayer so that users can play the game with their friends and challenge them.

Features of Fast and Furious Legacy Game

This fast racing game  includes several exciting and thrilling features. Let’s explore them.

  • The game comprises over 50 new and advanced cars from the Fast & Furious movies. You will gain a new amazing experience of fast racing.
  • The game lets you chance to drive in different locations of the world.
  • You will have options to modify your car using nitro, colors and several up-gradations.
  • The game incorporates high quality 3D graphics and digital sound with effects.
  • If you don’t feel comfortable and want to change the size of screen, then you can as per your need.
  • It comes with multiplayer mode option, in which you can give open challenge to your friends.

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How to download Fast & Furious: Legacy for PC or Mac

In the beginning, the game was launched only for Android and iOS devices. But, now you can download it for PC as well Mac following a below mentioned step by step method.

  • First, you need to download Bluestcaks Emulator from the official website.
  • Once the installation is done, go to the desktop and open Bluestacks player.
  • Now type ‘Fast & Furious’ in search bar and tap the enter button and wait for result.
  • In search result, you will see the game. Click on download.
  • In few moments, the game will be installed on your system. Now you can play this world’s fastest racing game on your windows or Mac.

If you are true racing fanatic, then you must play this game on PC. If you find any error during installation, then can contact us. You also need to checkout KissAnime.

If you want to play fast and furious game online, then click here.

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