A Complete Guide to Buying a Smartphone In 2021

Choosing a Smartphone can be very tiring given the numerous options available in the market. Although the concept of a perfect handset sounds vague, however, there remains no doubt that one should avail of the phone which best suits the individual’s needs. For example, one with a knack for reading books in soft copy can opt for a bigger screen budget mobile. Anyone who is a gaming freak might want to choose a phone with advanced battery life.

Before choosing to buy the next Smartphone, it is important to keep in mind certain features that are essential for it to be a good performing Smartphone.

  • Excellent Battery Life: The use of numerous applications demands the usage of the internet on phones. In order to support the working of so many apps the charge storing capacity of the battery of the phone is extremely crucial. Thus introspecting about the battery life of a phone is one of the first essential features one must consider. It would be a good choice to adopt a phone with a minimum battery life of 3000 mAH.
  • Quick Charging: Mobile phones these days come with a very handy quick charging facility. One must go for those phones which are featured to be charged within 10-15 minutes and can last for a substantial time.
  • Bezel-Free Display: The recently launched mobile phones encompass the popular bezel-free display feature. This ensures the users get things displayed on the entire screen without leaving a border. Thus the experience gets better. Specifically, 18:9 or 19:9 with a complete HD display is something one could aspire for.
  • AMOLED Panel: It is basically a technology mastering in-display essentials. OLED features a specific kind of display technology utilizing thin film. Choosing a phone with this feature instead of an IPS LCD could help users get a massive display quality.
  • VOLTE Support: Smartphones with a dual SIM facility and supporting 4G Volte features are the ones to look for in 2019. The Volte support ensures high-speed communication via a wireless medium.
  • Dual Cameras: The latest mobile sets have experimented by encompassing 2 or even 3 cameras. The dual-camera phones allow users to capture exclusive portrait shots with a blurred background. The phones with 3 cameras further allow users to use the one best suited for a particular kind of capture.
  • Software: The most important feature one must introspect before bagging a Smartphone is its software and performance. Choosing a fast processor is appreciated. Analyzing the benchmark score would help one understand the performance speed of the device.
  • Sound Quality: Especially for music lovers, this feature is a must to look out for before purchasing a Smartphone. Phones with an inbuilt DAC or some kind of amplifier would help produce great sound. Speakers also enable good conversation.
  • USB Type 3 Ports: This newly launched port relieves the users from the confusion of inserting the charging port in the right way.

Apart from the above features, one must also keep in mind the security check inbuilt in the phone. For example, fingerprint unlock and face unlock features could be useful in protecting the phone from unwanted interference. Overall keeping all these points in mind before deciding to purchase a Smartphone could yield great utility.

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