How to transform your traditional property into a hi-tech home

In recent years, technology has taken over in more ways than one. Especially in the home where more and more people are implementing smart features that make their home much more safe and efficient. Due to the demand for smart home technology, there has been a massive increase in home-based devices that are designed to make life easier while also reducing your carbon footprint.

If you’re looking to enhance your traditional home into a technology hub, you should consider the technology organizing challenge and the following tips that will help you decide on the best devices for your home.


One of the most important things to consider about your home is whether it is secure enough, and if not, how can you change that? To enhance your home security system, you should consider investing in smart devices like hi-tech doorbells which feature small video cameras inside. This can be connected to your phone to show who is at the door whether you’re at home or out on an errand.  You should also consider installing motion detector security cameras on the outside of your home, which can alert you about any visitors or intruders.

Other forms of smart security include smart locks, which allow you to operate your door lock from your smartphone. This is ideal in the event that you lose your keys and get locked out or even if you forget to lock your door, as you can secure it even when you’re away from home.


One of the most expensive and energy wasting elements in the home is electricity. This is simply because most people forget to turn off their electronics and lights without meaning to. To change this, you should consider purchasing a smart plug, which will reduce your energy bills and improve your energy usage. Technology like the Belkin Smart Plug estimates how much energy is used by specific devices.

Lighting is also another home component that causes costly bills and energy waste. To reduce this, you should consider installing smart lighting, such as smart lightbulbs which can be controlled via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth on a smartphone or home hub. This is great when you’re out of the house and realise you’ve forgotten to turn the lights off. Other forms of smart lighting include automated lights, which are utilised in a number of developments backed by RW Invest. These are so beneficial to residents, as they only turn on when motion is detected, which offers you a more affordable and eco-friendly solution for your home.


Another expensive and potentially harmful factor is the heating in your home. One way you can reduce the amount of heating energy you use is by installing proper insulation in your home. However, if you want to see a significant difference, you should invest in heating technology.

The smart thermostat is leading the way in heating technology, as it is extremely easy to use and can help you save a significant amount of money since you can see exactly what you’re using. You can also set the temperature well in advance, and the system will then turn it on or off automatically whether you’re at home or away.


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