How to Use Your Android Phone to Control Your Home Theatre

There is no fun comparable to that of having a home theatre system. It redefines and transforms your TV watching experience entirely. The quality of picture and sound that it provides is totally unparalleled.

With one at home, you don’t have to make frequent plans to watch a movie at a theatre as you can get almost the same experience in the comfort of your couch. No more standing in a queue to get tickets and popcorn!

And if it’s a cricket or football match you’re planning to watch, a home theatre surely will make it as much as it could be. There are good chances that your place will be a frequent gathering hub for your friends on weekend evenings.

If you’re using a home theatre, there is a strong likelihood that you have to deal with several devices and hence multiple remotes. So many remotes not only make your table look untidy, but they also can make it inconvenient for you to operate the system smoothly. Looking for all the remotes, juggling with them and having to press the thumbpad regularly may interrupt the screen time fun.

With time, home technology has improved and home theatres have become smarter. But their remotes still function in the same traditional way. Don’t you think there is a need for a smarter remote control as well?

Peel smart remote app

Smart remote-control apps enable you to get rid of multiple remotes and provide you with an elegant way of controlling your home theatre. They convert your smartphone into a universal remote which you can use to control several devices such as TV, Xbox, set-top box, home theatre etc. So, instead of those thumb-presses on remotes, you only have to tap and swipe softly on your phone screen and that’s all!

Since a smartphone is a device which everyone has today, smart remote apps make operating your home theatre quite convenient. You don’t have to worry about misplacing the remotes anymore. To add to the convenience, many of these apps come with a QWERTY keypad so that typing long search text is easier.

One of the most popular of these apps is Peel smart remote. Aimed at Android users, it’s equipped with user-friendly features and designed to optimize your viewing experience. It has a high-quality interface for Android phones and tablets.

Like most remote controls, it also uses infrared to operate your home theatre. There are many Android phones in the market today that are enabled with IR-blaster. The app uses it to communicate with the home theatre components. Since Peel is compatible with thousands of devices including several home theatre components, you don’t have to download separate apps for each device. Just one app is sufficient to perform all the tasks.

And what if your Android phone doesn’t have an IR-blaster? 

It’s not a concern at all. Peel can still deliver the same set of benefits even in the absence of IR-blaster. And no, you don’t need separate hardware for that. Peel smart remote can simply use your Wi-fi network to function. It’s only that all the components of the home theatre must have Wi-fi capabilities and they should be on the same network as your phone is. These days, there are several TVs, media players, gaming consoles, streaming devices etc that have Wi-fi capabilities.

You also get a voice-control with Peel. 

Peel is also equipped with speech-recognition abilities. So, if you don’t want to type a long name of a movie you’re looking to play, just speak to the app and it will find it for you. And if you can’t recollect the name, just tell it the synopsis or featured actors and it will come back with the closest matches in no time.

If you have a home theatre or are planning to buy one, make sure you give Peel smart remote a try to get rid of all those remotes and multiply your home theatre experience. It’s quite easy to set it up and add devices you want to control using your Android phone. And all the bundle of extraordinary Peel features is available to you for free!

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