If you read the reviews that are being posted about the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and the Pro Max you will hear a plethora of praises over a lot of features. These features include an improved battery life, enhanced cameras and everything in between. What most people don’t know is that Apple has hidden some features inside the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and Pro Max that are lesser known than their counterparts.  Here we take a closer look at the latest phones to hit the market and find out the additional features that we can take advantage of.


During the September keynote, Apple kept very quiet about it and not a single word was uttered. But now that the phones have been released, we find out that all the new iPhones have the new U1 chip and that it considerably improves the iPhones’ performance.

Among its many features, it can identify the location of various items like a phone or a tracking tag. How does it do that? It measures the time that a short radio pulse takes in traveling between your iPhone and the lost item and finds out the distance and the location. It carries the ultrawideband technology. You can even use it to unlock your car.

There were rumors about the tracking tags way before the September event but nothing was confirmed. Now we find out that we can probably track anything inside our house.

As of now, only one thing is for certain. You can use the U1 chip for to improve AirDrop in iOS13. You might have noticed that sometimes when you are trying to transfer a file to someone it would take a little bit of time. This would especially happen when other AirDrop users were around. But now you can get rid of all that hassle with the U1 chip and prioritize the transfer.

The uses for the U1 chip technology are amazing and have a lot of potential. One of the possibilities is that when you go near your car, it would recognize your iPhone and automatically unlock. The same could happen to your laptop. It would automatically awake from sleep mode when you entered your room.


Another feature of the iPhone 11 and its counterparts is that they have been built using custom Corning glass. Apple has maintained in every keynote in September that it has the toughest glass among all the smartphones. We found some things about the glass that the general public may not know. The glass is custom made by the company Corning. It is the same company that makes the Gorilla Glass. This update comes as no surprise as the Corning company has been the supplier for glass for iPhones since 2007. Not just this but Apple has invested in the company for future technologies as well. These include the future iPhones, Apple Watch and the iPad glass.

Corning makes the toughest glass in the market and the latest type of glass to enter the market is Gorilla Glass 6. This glass is not just being used by the iPhone but by other flagship phones like the Galaxy Note 10 Plus as well. According to the company, you can drop Gorilla Glass from a height of 1 meter fifteen times and it has the ability to survive. The company further stated that the glass made for the new Apple iPhones is custom made but failed to give us any more details.


The most updates that we have seen are related to the iPhone 11 camera. They are intriguing to say the least. The juicy details about the iPhone 11 camera were discovered by the developers of Halide which is a well-renowned third party iOS camera app. The basics are already known about the camera. All iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and Pro Max have 12 megapixel sensors and support an ultrawide 13mm f/2.4 and regular wide 26mm f/1.8. In addition to that the Pro and Pro Max also support a 2x telephoto at 52mm f/2.

According to the updates, the sensitivity of the new wide and telephoto cameras of iPhone 11 are higher than the iPhones released in the previous year, namely the iPhone XS. They also have a higher maximum ISO. These upgrades in the iPhone 11 will come in handy and make for a cleaner and sharper photo with the new night mode that brings together many shots.

The new iPhone 11 cameras also boast a faster minimum exposure time. The time is 1/125,000 of a second. Generally people don’t need a maximum speed like that but if you are trying for a computational photography trick like using it in Night Mode or Deep Fusion, then this one is definitely for you. Deep Fusion is still in Beta Mode but still it is the most noteworthy feature of the iPhone 11 camera. As most photos are taken indoors, the Deep Fusion comes in handy as it limits the image noise of the photos while enhancing the details.


There have been various rumors about the reverse wireless charging where you can just place your AirPods on the back of your iPhone and charge them but Apple has quashed such rumors. It could be that the iPhones have this feature and are just waiting for an upgrade in the iOS but Apple analysts have negated any such things.

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