Multiplayer Games like Mini Militia (Offline & Online)

Nowadays the latest smartphones are coming up with the advanced innovative hardware so that it can handle up the heavy graphics, and multiple tasks smoothly. There are some of the games, apps and productivity tools which you can use on your smartphones with hardcore configuration. Mini-Militia and other mods like mini militia wall hack is such an amazing game for the smartphone which is most popular among the teenagers and youth. So, here we have listed down the ten best alternatives games for the Mini Militia that you can play on your smartphone.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

If you love to play racing games, then this is a game for you, as it provides the users with a high level of graphics style and much more things. There is also an option for amazing car choice with the help of which user can upgrade their vehicles and with open up race tracks. Just go for it, and you won’t be going to love any other racing game!

Clash Of Clans

Clash of Clans which is developed and built by the “ Supercell” is one of the most played games online, and this is a game which is available on all the major operating system platforms. This games let the player collect coins, build castles, develop armies, attack enemies and much more. The player fight for the other clans over the web for the development and survival of their clan. The player also needs to develop a raid strategy with the help of their army to break the walls of enemy and loot as much as possible. In a much simpler way, the player must develop their clan to have one of the largest and strongest defense lines to avoid raiders and risk losing available resources.

Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 game which is developed by the NIKKI team and has now reached a greater level of heights after some of the amazing upgrades by the developers. This game has amazing graphics, and at the time of playing this game, you might never feel that you are playing this on a smartphone but you will feel like if you are playing this on a console game. This game has also been defined as one of the best action games and is available for all the operating system platforms.

Modern Combat 5 Blackout

This is a game which is having the high rich graphics and in this game, a user will be going to control up against the multiple types of weapons to shoot or kill the first persons that will appear on the screen. That all can be done by easy controls, by going there on roads, houses, etc inside the game and then simply kill the enemies to complete the levels.


It is one of the most popular adventure game which is as of now available in the world of gaming. In this game, a player controls the avatar to move around with some of the difficulty levels of terrains. In this, a user needs to solve puzzles, navigate via complex areas and beat the timer to enjoy the game. This game has some of the great visuals, and the game also features an offline multiplayer mode which permits up to 4 players at a time on a single smartphone or device. So, if you and your squad need to kill some of the more additional time than this is the game which you should play with your mates.


This is an exciting and entertaining multiplayer action game which a group of people can play. Around six players can play online and ten on a local network. There is an option to play free for all where everyone is on their own or to also choose a team mode to play with friends. This is a must try a game for a group of friends who need some of the time together.


This is a real-time multiplayer game which is developed and built by the “Super Evil megacorp”. This is also another strategic game, which is having the amazing impressive graphics, the most exciting part of this game is the fact that it will let you host a LAN network, which means a large number of your friends can play its multiplayer mode on a local network. The game is very challenging and intuitive for smartphones as it offers the gameplay experience of a MOBA, which is just new for the mobile gaming experience. In this game, you are divided into two teams of 3 players each and you have to defend your base against attacks and destroy the opposing team’s base to win the game simply. This game is much more similar to the DotA 2 and LoL in terms of gameplay.

Special Forces Group 2

When it comes to the point of a multiplayer offline game, then this game is the best. This is a game which is a real substitute to Counter-Strike, as it has same sort of sound effects and graphics. So, now you don’t need to open your laptop to play the counter strike again. This is a first-person shooter game which is merely developed by the ForgeGames developers has got great feedback on the app store and play store.

In this game, you can easily connect with your friends via hotspot just like the Mini Militia. All a host need to do is to turn on the hotspot so that the others can connect. Once connected the host shares his IP to all the other and that is it! The fight begins!


This is another best multiplayer game which is available to play with friends. The game is totally based on the robots, and it shows how the robotics world will perform once humanity has been removed. In this, a player needs to develop their own sort of skills and abilities that could help them to win over robots. This is the best game to play with friends.

8-Ball Pool

This is a game which is developed by the Miniclip for all the OS platforms, and it comprise of a huge number of players to compete for the prizes in a game of pool. It features live online gameplay, which means that you don’t just need to wait for other player and this is what happens in real time. This game has gained lots of success across the globe, just because of different real-time online tournaments and a simple friend mode.

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