Reliance Jio Gigafiber Review

Jio is no doubt one of the best productions of Reliance. As days are passing by, the brand is expanding with very frequent growth. Mukesh Ambani, the owner, and founder of the Reliance, last year has launched the official roll out of the Jio Giga-Fiber across the country. He announced this on the annual general meeting of Reliance and 15th August onwards, the registrations for the service started. Being one of few lucky customers, we got our hands on the service of Jio Giga-fiber at the second chance. After getting service from it for a longer period of time, here is a review of this broadband service. We have used it both in laptops as well as in Android devices.

What is Jio Giga-Fiber?

It is a kind of Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband service. Every household or office receives this service through fixed lines. The service started early last year to some specific location. But by now this has covered almost the whole country.  The Brand Reliance has demanded that this will provide faster service than any other contemporary broadband services. This will offer the users superfast download and upload speed as expected.  Such a speed is expected to enable UHD and Video conferencing. However, reliance Jio coupons will help you to be one of the luckiest to receive this service. Also, this will support varieties of camera application usages and will provide a seamless experience.

How to get the Jio Gigafiber?

It is as simple as the options for online shopping. All you need is to register yourself in the Reliance Jio’s official website. It is Jio.com. During the time of registration, you need to provide some personal information. The inquiry includes your name and mailing address first. Your mobile number is also necessary whereas providing the email.id is an optional. After registration is complete, you will receive a call from Jio-Fiber executive within three days.  He will inquire about your address to find out whether the supply is available at your locality or not. If available, he will come the next day for the e-KYC processing that requires a photocopy of your Aadhar card. You need to deposit safety money of rupees 4.500/- for the router. Within two days, you will receive the router and will be installed as well. Within 30 minutes of installation, the service will be available.  However, the safety money deposited will be returned to you at the moment you decide to discontinue the service. You have to make the payment through debit and credit card facility along with PayTm service.  Not taking cash is again supporting the country’s policy to go cashless as soon as possible.

Facilities of Jio Gigafiber:

Jio Giga-Fiber provides you a 100 MBPS speed for 90 days with a cap of 100GB. This also provides you the access to the Jio Prime apps. In case someone uses the whole data package before the end of the month, there is a complimentary way out as well. You need to go to the Jio app and recharge with a top-up of 40 GB. Customers are available to recharge the top-ups for 25 times a month that will extend their data usage up to 1100GB per month. For the first three months of service, the customers can use internet free of cost.  If company fails to provide any other service plan, then the free data usage offer will extend.

GigaHub Home Gateway:

The white box connects the fiber outside your house to the modem. The device has multiple plugging. One port is to connect to the modem. There are three LAN ports along with two USB ports. Besides, there is one PON port and a power and a WPS button. Also, there is a small reset button under the WPS button holding which for more than 10 seconds will set the device to factory settings.

The device works in two frequencies. One is at 2.5GHtz which provides lesser speed with a wider range. The other one works at 5GHtz which provides higher speed with lesser range. You can set the OTN device closer to the frequency of your connected device. With a LAN connection to the computer, you can gain a higher date speed.

Speed Test:

The speed test is completed with a MacAir and an Android smart-phone. The 5GHtz speed in the laptop is over 80Mbps. The maximum upper speed limit is 96Mbps which is quite close to the promised upper limit speed by the company. It will provide you to watch full HD movies and 4K music videos without buffering.

For the 2.5GHtz, the average speed is 20 Mbps which is quite lower than the expected lower limit.

The techical person from Deskrush said that “On the smartphone, the result is also satisfying. Both on the MacAir and Android, the highest download speed is around 81.4mbps with an upload speed of 48.5mbps. In the 2.5GHtz frequency, the speed range was around 12-13mbps.”


There were rumors of launching a DTH service named JioTV. But it was only possible when the company launches Internet Protocol Television Services (IPTS). Only then, the customer can use it as a set-top box. The service will provide the customers with access to all channels at the same cost. But the service has not yet given a green signal to start though the company has a thought in processing at the back of its mind. It will also provide a brand new facility of video calling in the service as well. Such a facility will make the users video calls from their TV set as well. If the jio app showing a problem then it is the time to find the best Jio TV alternative apps.

While taken opinions of people about the service provider, they all have exclaimed it to be best in cheap. Most of them have given a double thumbs-up to the service. Many of them have expressed satisfaction with using this new broadband service compared with the previous/existing ones they have used before. Above all, the service has been providing good and satisfactory service to the people. But as it has been on the market for quite a few times, the expectations are increasing. People are now seeking to see certain positive advancement of the service plans and programs.

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