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Shareit for PC- How to Guide

A few years ago, when the smartphones were there, but they did not feature the hotspot feature. At that time, sharing the files between two devices was extremely difficult, especially when we had to share the large files. Bluetooth was one way to do it wirelessly but it was frustratingly slow. You could use the USB cable but it was a long drawn process.

Then there came the SHAREit app which changed everything. It has become the most used file sharing app for mobile phones. But what we know little is that it can also be used on the Windows PC. Here are a few things you will want to know more.

  • Share it uses the Wi-Fi connectivity on your computer to establish the connection. However, what you would love is the fact that it does not use your broadband data. As long as the two devices to be connected are within the close range you will be able to share the files with extreme ease and that too wirelessly.
  • If you had to share the files between two computers you had to use the USB stick. You had to copy the files from one computer onto the USB drive and then paste it on the other computer. But now you can transfer wirelessly if they computers are close to each other.
  • Establishing the wireless connectivity between a smartphone and a computer was never easy. However, this app can do that with such simplicity. You just need this app on your computer as well as the smartphone you are using. You can transfer the files of your choice with tremendous ease.
  • It offers high speed transfer especially when you compare it to Bluetooth. A file as big as 2GB in size would not take more than a few minutes to transfer. Isn’t this incredible?

Downloading and Installing

This app is offered by Lenovo and so you need to go to their website to download and install. The process is pretty easy. Just click the following link, download the EXE file and then open it to start the installation:

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