Technical and Illustrative Details for Creating Fantasy Art

The existence of illustration is not a recent one instead; this form for art has been widely known for quite a long time. However, ever since the emergence of the digital age, everything is becoming digitized and so are illustrations. This has even transformed the practice of illustration creation from traditional methods to digital software programs and tools. This evolution has removed several hurdles and has certainly stayed in the favor of every designer out there.

As for the types and styles of illustration creation, uniqueness and creative aspects are always appreciated. Fantasy creatures or animals that are entirely based on imagination alone are gaining prominence over time. Therefore, no wonder there has been an upsurge in the call for professional fantasy illustrators for hire. Here are the following tips and details that can make the process of fantasy art creation easier.

Merge anatomical characteristics

Fantasy beasts or creatures are made using pure imagination but it does not mean you would neglect the rules and guidelines essential for the anatomical structure of such creatures. If you think that you cannot get the right inspiration for your illustration then you should research and observe different animal shapes, features and proportions to create your very own fantasy creature. This practice will aid you in combining various features of animals into one illustration and that in turn would give existence to a character based on your imaginative and creative abilities.

Conform to logic

While imaginative and fictional aspects can be used but you still should not deviate from reality and logic. If you happen to be drawing a creature that is based off a bear then you would certainly get references from the structure of a bear and then mold into something that looks like a work of fiction but at the same time, it is still not purely fictional. This practice would make your characters look unique yet easily memorable since the designs would not be differing from the rules of logic.

Give it a human-like appeal

The overall shape and design of your mythical creature hold the most important but there is more to the aesthetics of such illustrations than one knows. You would also need to add personality to your character and it can be only done by adding expressive elements and emotions to it. This assists you in forming an emotional association with your viewers, as the expressions would seem to be humane to them. This notion is known as humanizing the feature of your character and it should not be left out.

Convey a story

Whether it an animated video or a static visual, it needs to convey a story. However, if it is an illustration and there is not much that you can fit into the canvas, find a way to portray your message in the design of your character or creature itself. Once you know what you intend to convey then add intricate details related to your story in the background to give more emotion to the drawing. This can be done by forming the illustration environment using the right colors, lighting and background elements that set the overall aesthetics of the drawing.

Practice makes perfect

It is certain that no designer is able to come up with an artwork creation that sticks out in one go and that is why there exists the need to pay heed to practice. Practice and begin to experiment with different forms of art style until you begin to establish a niche of your own. This will allow you to understand the anatomy of animals better, be more expressive and vibrant in conveying your thoughts and story in the shape compelling visual. There is no harm in failing often but giving up is not the solution either. Therefore, keep practicing until you form a piece of artwork that simply stands out.

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