The Risks Of Using ‘Free’ Social Media Sites In 2020

In 2019, if you don’t have a social media account then you might be considered someone who has something to hide. People like to put their whole life online including images, details of their current location and much more. Many of these sites advertise themselves as free but is this always the case?

Here, we are going to look at some of the risks that you face when you use a social media site that is ‘free’ to use. Keep reading to find out more.

Your Data Might Be Sold

No one wants their personal details to be sold on to third parties but, unfortunately, some of the bigger social networking sites do this every day in order to make some cash. You might not be paying to use their service, but you will be making them money when they pass on your details. Of course, they need your permission for this but often you can give it over without even realising. Platforms like Emenator however clearly outline that your data will never be brokered, traded or sold to anyone. Your site history and personal information will be kept private on this network which provides you with a greater feeling of security and freedom.

You Will Be Bombarded With Ads

How often do you scroll down your newsfeed in order to be bombarded with ads that are targeted towards your interests? Often it can get in the way of real content and you won’t get to see what your friends are up to. In 2019, social networking sites are trying to combat this and provide a subscription-based service that has no ads. This is something to consider if you struggle with this.

Tricky Algorithms

Many of the big social media sites have algorithms that are updated regularly in order to change how they operate. This can mean that things that your posts are not seen by people that you want to see them, and this can be extremely detrimental to businesses using the platforms for marketing. Getting past these algorithms can be tricky and risky for your content.

Aiding Unethical Processes

Finally, you might find that when you use a ‘free’ social media site in 2019 that you are contributing to unethical processes. Many of the big companies do not operate in an ethical way and they only appear to change their processes when this information comes to light. When a service is free, people tend to turn a blind eye, but this is very unethical and is a huge risk for those using this sort of service.


Technology is constantly advancing, and our daily activities are based around sites like these. If you use a ‘free’ site, then you could be putting your data at risk of being passed on to a company that you are not comfortable with. For this reason, we advise that you take a look at subscription or paid service in order to reduce the ads and keep your data safe. This way, you won’t be putting yourself at risk and you can have fun communicating with your friends and family in a safe way online

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