TheOneSpy Parental Control Mobile Tracking App Review

TheOneSpy is amongst the highly rated cell phone spy application developed for parents to track the Android phones of their kids. The app comes preloaded with a broad range of features to remotely monitor and control the targeted Android phone and tablets in a user-friendly manner. The spy software is compatible with the latest Android version and supports most of the Android phone brands. This article discusses the core features of the spy application highlighting the positive and negative aspects of the app.

Core Features of Parental Control App

Contrary to the traditional parental control apps, TheOneSpy gives more control to parents while tracking their kids’ cell phones. Of hundreds of features, we have discussed here the core features of monitoring app.

Spy on Social Media Apps

The Android spy app enables parents to spy on the activities of their kids performed on social media websites and apps. It let you spy on teens’ commonly used social networking apps including Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Tinder, Kik, Hike and Yahoo Messenger. You can read the social media conversations of your children; view and download the photos, videos, and audios shared through these platforms.

Spy on Messages

All the short text messages, instant messages, and multimedia messages received and sent by your kids can be monitored with the help of spy app. You can know with whom your kids converse, how frequently and at what time.

Call Tapping

The Android tracking app records all the incoming and outgoing phone calls on the targeted device. The recorded calls get uploaded on the online control panel of the spy software from where parents can listen to these calls and get information about the caller and recipient.

Screen Recording

If you want to see what your kiddo is busy doing on its phone, the cell phone spy software captures screenshots of the targeted phone to keep you acquainted with the online and offline activities.

Track GPS Location

The Android monitoring app lets you know the whereabouts of your children. You can find out their exact current location as well as the previous trips. Also, you can be notified of your kids’ entrance and departure from specified places.


The spy app lets you activate the camera and microphone of the targeted phone to trace what is happening around. The Mic bug feature of the application turns on the microphone of your kid and records the surrounding sounds and voices. Similarly, the Camera bug feature of the software capture photos and make videos of the surroundings using rear and front cameras of the targeted device.

Spy 360

This feature is an advanced and revamped form of bugging feature as it allows you to trace surrounding sounds and scenes. However, the Spy 360 lets you monitor the surroundings in real-time. It lets you see what is happening in the vicinity of the targeted phone without any delay.

Track Internet Browsing History

The spy app keeps you updated about the online activities of your children. You can know which are the websites frequently visited and at what time.

Emails and Keylogs

Similar to messages, all the received and transmitted emails of your kid can be tracked with the help of cell phone spy app. Moreover, the software records all the strokes applied to the keyboard of the targeted device including the keylogs of username, password, and email addresses.

Manage Phonebook

The spy app lets you edit the contact list of your teen without taking his phone in possession. You can add necessary contacts and delete unwanted contacts right from the online control panel.

Sneak Into Gallery

What if you could see what your teen has stored in his phone gallery? The parental control app allows you to see and download the photos, videos and other media files stored on the cell phone of your children.

Control Installed Apps

The Android parental control software lets you install, uninstall, block and unblock the mobile phone applications right from the online control panel of the spy app.

What are Pluses of Tracking App?

  • It offers the most innovative spying features such as Spy 360 and social media monitoring.
  • It lets you customize the app features to choose only required features.
  • It is compatible with latest Android versions.

What are Minuses of Tracking App?

  • It does not allow setting screen time limits.
  • It is not compatible with some Chinese Android phone brands.

The Bottom Line

When compared with the parental control applications rightly available, TheOneSpy is found to be a reliable app offering a wide variety of features. It allows parents to safeguards their kids from cyber-bullies, child predators, sex offenders, online criminals, scoundrels, catfishers and pedophiles. Keeping tabs on the online and offline activities of your kids, you can make sure they are not engaged in any wrongdoing and can smell the dangers that may happen in near future.

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