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Top 6 Parental Control Apps

With advanced technology comes a high level of worries. Well, not for the kids but definitely for the parents who want to protect their children from the inappropriate content available online. The sad part? The parents cannot follow their kids everywhere they go. Hence, they cannot keep an eye on what their kids are browsing. Companies like Spectrum with their cable TV plans offer a parental control feature so that the parents can restrict their children from watching certain channels. The Spectrum Internet plans offer parental control as well. Which means that you can monitor what your kids watch on TV and on the Internet both. A win-win situation.

However, for people who have not subscribed to the services of Spectrum, there exist apps that you can download and keep a check on your little ones’ browsing activities.


This app does more than just allowing the worried parents from restricting their kids from accessing certain websites. This parental control app allows the parents to customize their ‘restrictions’ accordingly. From setting a timetable for your children to restricting their use of mobile to a set number of hours, you name it and FamilyTime will allow you to make the settings accordingly. You can even set the bedtime and track the location of your kids.  This concept known as geofencing allows you to keep track of your child’s location. The app will send you a notification when the mobile enters a specific location or leaves one. Above all, you can even keep an eye on your child’s contact list and texts. Isn’t it amazing?

A little disclaimer: it might take you a little time to learn to operate this app. If you think that you have the patience to do so. Go ahead! This app is made for you.


If you think that you do not have time to spare and dedicate to learning the features of an app, Qustodio is the perfect option for you. The interface of the app is user-friendly and you do not have to spend hours to learn the operations. For busy parents’ ease, the app has a dashboard that displays all the information including the time your child spent on each app whether it be Facebook or Instagram. That dashboard is your control panel. You can restrict your child from visiting an app, set time limits, or even keep a check on the text messages. This app can come in handy when you have a couple of kids to control. Apart from all these features that the app has to offer, it also works with Kindle and lets you control the Amazon devices as well.

Norton Family Premier

This parental control app comes with some pros and a couple of cons. While it is very easy to manage app with great location tracking features, it offers limited monitoring when it comes to messages. Moreover, you cannot put restrictions on individual apps. That is a little turn-off. However, it allows you to block individual apps. It offers the following features that can aid you in reminding your kids to be responsible while using the mobile:

  • Location tracking features
  • App-monitoring
  • Web filtering

The app allows you to monitor your kids’ activities across multiple devices.


With an easy to use interface, this app has all that a parental control asks of. From monitoring the texts and calls to blocking them as per your convenience and liking, this app is perfect to monitor your children’s activities. It also allows you to keep a track of your kids’ social media browsing activity. And notifies you about all the websites that your little ones have visited. Moreover, it also acts as a tracker allowing you to keep a track of the location of the mobile.


If you want to keep it simple and do not want to get into many complications, get OurPact. It allows you to do the following:

  • Block apps
  • Restrict Internet access
  • Set time schedules

It may not offer all the features that a parental control app does but it is very useful for protecting your younger children.

Net Nanny

Similar to Qustodio when it comes to features, this app allows you to block porn, set time schedules, and get an online activity report. However, this app does not allow you to monitor individual apps. But it does have an added feature that allows your kids to visit websites that they should not (but it blocks all the bad words used on that page or website).

If you believe that you can categorize yourself as someone who is not technology savvy, you can call Spectrum Customer service (in case you are availing the company’s services) and opt for the Internet parental control. This may act as a convenient option for those parents who cannot spare time to learn about the features and operations of apps.

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