Top 4 Trending video calling Apps for Mobiles and PC

Want to make an international call but worried about the international calling charges? Yes, it is true; long distance calls to international destinations using your mobile minutes could cost you a fortune. The good news is that it is not always the case.

The smartphone technology has evolved and at the same time, data services have also enhanced over the years. Not only do we have reliable Wi-Fi broadband connections, we also have high-speed 4G mobile networks. All of this together makes sure that we stay connected with anyone we want to in any corner of the world without pinching a hole in the pocket. We can make video and voice calls over the internet for almost no charge at all (except if there are any data charges for your internet usage).

What we need is a good app to make these calls. There are many video and voice calling apps out there and they are all free. Let’s take a look at some of them.

#1 FaceTime 

It will not be an overstatement to say that FaceTime is the most coveted video calling app there is. Designed by Apple, this app allows you to make high-quality video calls to the other FaceTime users. For voice calls, there is another version of the app called FaceTime Audio. Both these apps are available only on the iOS and OSX devices.

#2 Google Duo

Google Duo is a pretty new app but it has already become the talk of the town. Google already had Hangout but it has launched a separate app for video and voice calling. Duo offers a very nice interface and high quality calling.

#3 Messenger 

Messenger is the Facebook app. You can make video and voice calls using this app to your friends on Facebook. It is built-in to Facebook for computers and you can access it through your browser. For mobile devices, there is a separate app that allows you to make voice and video calls and also send text messages to users on Facebook.

#4 Skype

Skype is the pioneer of video calling over the internet technology. It is one of the most widely used and trending apps of all times.


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