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Smartphones are “Smart” partially because it allows you to click, edit and modify pictures and videos.  In fact more sophisticated phones are able to do a better job of the media related items.  The latest ones are able to Mix, Edit and even add titles and add sounds in them.  These functions are aided by some of the latest Applications available for download.  Most of these items are either totally free or have very reasonable charges.  Here are some of common video editing applications available today:


iMovie:  This is an iOS Application and is suppose to be cut above the rest.  iMovie allows you to splice videos easily in addition to the voiceover, Adding Titles and mixing photos available from different sources.

PowerDirector:  This Application is Android’s answer to Apple’s iMovie.  Almost all iMovie features are available on this Editor.  It allows trimming, mixing, title addition and host of other features.

Pinnacle Studio Pro:  This is iOS Application suitable for those who have used iMovie and now want to move to some complicated editing tasks.  This Editor allows you to control speed, Pan& Zoom and Voice controls. This is very impressive app and works finely like iMovie.

Kinemaster: This is a very powerful media editor on the Android platform.  This editor can be used on smaller Smartphones. The buttons are arranged very logically on the screen taking lesser space.

Movie Edit Touch:  If you have Windows powered phone you need not worry, you can enjoy almost similar features that of iMovie Application using Movie Edit Touch.  This free Application can mix, add title and sound and help you making a clip with seamless transitions.

Apart from these Power Editors if you are casual user you can look at Vine, Instagram, You Tube Capture, Vyclone, Splice or ReelDirector to play around with your videos.  These Applications are really cool for those who do it just for fun.

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