Understanding Motocross Racing Rules

Motocross racing rules are designed to provide the safest and most fair experience possible so all the riders in a competition have a good chance to do their best and have fun. Making sure you understand them is vital to competition, not only because it will help you avoid disqualification but also because it will help you compete more effectively and more safely.

Best OEM for Motocross?

There is a lot of debate about the best dirt bike for amateur competition, but most fans divide themselves between Honda and Yamaha. Regardless of which you prefer, it’s important to understand how the rider’s size and age affect the ideal bike size and competition class for this year’s events.

  • Only those 16 and older have open CC classes as well as 2stroke/4stroke choices
  • The younger the rider, the smaller the largest bike they will qualify to ride
  • Classes open to both youth and adult riders will not have the 19” wheel size restriction

Gear For Safe Riding 

Dirt bike accessories like Boots, Gloves, Glasses, Pants, etc. for beginning riders should emphasize safety over anything else. If you’re purchasing gear with plastic protection plates or lined padding, it’s a good idea to buy new instead of used. That’s because the protective materials are rated for maximum age and stress levels, so they don’t perform the same way after a few years. Without knowing the full history of used gear, it’s safer to start with new protection that is just for you.

Extra Parts And Bike Customization 

You’re not going to get the same performance out of your tires under all track conditions, which is why you need to have a good source for multiple tire types. When you know where to get dirt bike tires for sale at the best prices online, you can afford to make sure you have an optimized set for dry tracks and mud, and maybe even a totally new set for sand and one for all-terrain off-roading. Just to be safe, why not buy tires for every competition condition?

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