YouTube’s new reshaped homepage focusing on usability and more control on recommendations

After a long wait finally, YouTube has provided a new reshaped and redesigned homepage. The entity has recently provided its updated homepage. The newly presented YouTube homepage is more viable with a cleaner and more informative in terms of focusing on usability. Via this reshaped featuring you are provided with more space for the videos and their added options. The new features are fully equipped to provide utter convenience for the audience especially with the “Queue” option that has been provided on the desktop version. Since it is a feature that allows us to stop or resume similar video suggestions as per preference and much more.

YouTube’s homepage is redesigned currently as it entirely is focused to bring change in the user interface of the desktop and tablet version. As apparently the new reshaped features are yet not provided on the mobile app. The company YouTube has stated that they intend and plan to feature these new options to be adaptable on mobile apps too. Having to create an app requires much consideration regardless of the platform. Even google some time back had implemented a way to develop a more compact and tight display of imagery and text on the homepage.

A prime example is the reshaped Google News transformation in the search bar since it is used to provide news articles and cards instead of being compacted into a grouped headline. Since these changes most certainly would mean that lesser content is visible on the page even after scrolling below. In the same way, so did YouTube require the changed and went forth to make them. Though now the updates have designed the homepage to present fewer videos per row as it allows longer video titles and thumbnail to be displayed. This has made it all the much easier to view the precise video that is required and is of preference.

The most astounding aspect of the newly reshaped homepage is that it does add a higher resolution. As it helps the audience to easily identify their fav creators. Each change impacts on the homepage in the outline one way of the other.  YouTube has informed that it will go ahead and remove certain content shelves so that more areas are arranged correctly in the video channels. To this point that the new YouTube designed feature where the videos are placed categorically with the top and trending news designated separately.  However, YouTube has provided the feature to “Add to Queue” which is an option that is provided on the desktop version. Presently, a user can avail that the feature on a click as the button on the video thumbnail will add to the list where you can indulge in it later whenever preferred.

While a video is being watched the video can be featured using that option. All you require is to minimize the page towards the corner of the page and further, the queue option will prove to be of great asset. The feature of Queue is an excellent way to quickly build a playlist while you are on a move. Although the feature is available but it is not meant to replace the feature of watch later. Since it helps to spontaneously create a playlist as it isn’t meant to be used to save a video and be viewed once added to the queue. As the new featured homepage of YouTube on the desktop version provides a queue that removes the list as the browser is closed. So ideally it is only meant to be used to view saved videos across devices to be added under the feature of a button “Watch Later”.

An extra feature that comes around with the new feature on the homepage that made a jump from being a mobile feature to a desktop feature. Towards the start of the year, YouTube presented a series of changes that permitted you to avail of a much focused controlled experience over which videos are to appear on the next suggestion on the homepage. As this is powered by the Algorithm. Much recently it also introduced the option “Stop Suggestions” where the user can avail no suggestion by clicking on the button that will permit you to stop being introduced with specific channel content. The same option is provided on the desktop version by the name of “Don’t recommend channel”. This feature can be functioned by a single click on the channel as the videos that are being provided on your YouTube may not be of your preference anymore and you want to stop them.

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